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non-profit websitesIn a world where research, networking and purchasing are done virtually, your website is your storefront. You need it to be attractive and welcoming with a website design that reflects the culture of your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your contracts?

Our agreements are month-to-month. In essence, we earn your business each and every single month. We make it simple to start - and to move on - no questions asked.

Can I use my own domain name?

Of course. When you site will be ready to go live, you can ask us to do the configuration for you on your providers  website or we gave give you the instructions to make the domain name resolve to our servers. 

How long until my website is live?

Our team usually takes 1 to 6 weeks to deliver a website based on the complexity of the features. But if time is of the essence, let the project manager know and he will do everything in his power to make it happen within the due time.

Do you offer Email Accounts?

While ADMIN eSOLUTIONS does not offer email accounts, you can easily link your domain name to Google Apps and get emails and all the Google related products. We've been using it in house for years and we love it.

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Admin-e-Solutions is an outstanding website development company.  They ask all the right questions and are actually interested in learning all they can about your business plan and intentions.

Joe Sireno, Sireno Group
Joe Sireno Portrait Photo

I want to acknowledge the number of registration your system generated. The consistency of the message, the look & feel, speaks to your level of professionalism and of your system efficiency.

Jody Johnson, Team Sage, Miami
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I just wanted to comment on how awesome the ‘back room’ is for our website. I have filled out a couple of trouble tickets and they have been awesome to work with AND they are faster than the best McDonald’s drive thru!!

John Killacky, MPI Indiana Chapter
John Killacky Photo

We have been extremely pleased with Admin eSolutions, both in terms of their product deliverables and reasonable prices. If you are shopping for bids on a new website, it would be a mistake to pass these guys up and not at least see what they have to offer.

Truett Reed, Washington Campus
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