5 Web Redesign Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by: on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When you are ready to redesign your company website, you need to realize the website needs more than a cosmetic update. Online marketing is continually changing and advancing.

For your company to take advantage of those changes, you need to make critical decisions for your corporate website redesign. Making the wrong choices will cut the value you can get from the entire redesign process. Learn from the mistakes others make all the time.

Here are five of the biggest web redesign mistakes you need to avoid:

Mistake #1 - Placing a Bigger Emphasis on Design Rather than Content
Actually, this is a mistake that happens when doing the first design as well as a redesign. Design is important for your visitor's experience. However, search engines have little to no opinion on a website's design. Search engines want to see quality content. In order for your website to land on the search engine radar, it needs quality content. Good content will also attract interested people to your website. Without quality content, neither people nor search engines will come.

Mistake #2 - Trusting a Friend to Do the Design Rather than a Pro
An amateur design is not the image you want visitors to have when they first see your website. It presents your company's first impression. It shows a lack of professionalism and will drive many visitors away. Put the money into a professional design and you will see the difference. A sharp, professional design will give your website visitors the impression that your company is professional and on the move. It is worth the investment.

Mistake #3 - Delegating Content Creation to Your Secretary
You might think that content is just some words on a page. Anyone with decent writing skills can do it, right? In reality, you need a professional writing your content. Content serves many purposes on your website. It conveys your marketing message to customers. It provides value to customers wanting more information. It gives search engines something to check and rank your website with. It is part of the impression you make on visitors. All of this adds up to content quality requiring a professional hand.

Mistake #4 - Having No Clear Strategy Around the Calls-to-Action
When you ask someone to give you his or her name and email, why do you want that information? Some might say for lead generation purposes. Other would not know. Without a comprehensive lead generation and nurturing plan in place, your calls-to-action have no clear strategy around them. Some companies collect information from visitors for no real reason. Do not become one of those companies. Have a reason for everything your website does.

Mistake #5 - Thinking that You'll Deal with SEO Down the Road
SEO is something that many website owners know about, but think is less important than just getting the website up and running. However, search engine optimization must be integrated into the entire design process. Every page must count towards the search engines finding your website and loving it. That means content must integrate keywords and SEO best practices. 

Remember, content is critical. You need a professional who understands SEO writing the content. The design also requires a professional touch. The website marketing strategy needs to be in place and active before the first call-to-action becomes active. All of this will give you a successful corporate website redesign.

Give your company the boost it deserves. Make the right choices during your redesign. You will see a boost in traffic, higher lead generation, and lead nurturing will become easier.

All of this can happen when you make the right choices during your corporate website redesign. 

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Learn HOW TO blog (the right way) - Podcast

Posted by: on Friday, March 22, 2013

You don't need any technical skills to create a blog. If you know how to write an email on the computer, you are good enough to write a blog.

Most people don't know how to blog! At Mountaintop University, we have received many questions pertaining to blogging such as: what are the industry standards when it comes to blogging? Is there a proper format? How long or short should a blog be? What are back links? How do I use keywords properly? And most of all- is blogging worth my time?

Listen to this podcast as we discuss the HOW TO's of blogging so that you not only know what you're doing but why you are blogging!

Listen to internet radio with mountaintopuniversity on Blog Talk Radio
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Writing Content for Your Website in 4 Easy Steps

Posted by: on Friday, March 22, 2013

Quality content is the lynch pin to any successful website. Visitors want to find something of quality on the websites they visit. Becoming an authority in your area requires proving it through quality content.

If content is awkward, grammatically incorrect, or has poor spelling, visitors will find another place to go. Writing quality content requires knowledge of the essential parts.

When going through a corporate website redesign, content generation is part of the equation. Ensuring the content is of high quality is imperative to a successful relaunch of your website. 

Writing content for your corporate website redesign breaks down to four essential components:

  1. It's all begins with the title
    If done right, a title is what will attract someone to read the article. An interesting title tells what is in the content and provides a great place for SEO leverage. Look at this title "My Experience Driving and Riding in a Dodge Truck." A better title would be "2013 Dodge 2500 - A Personal Experience." The second title is concise, gives detail about content, and gets attention.

  2. Opening paragraph is critical
    When you have someone's attention with a good title, you have to keep their attention with the opening paragraph. It needs to take the title, develop the idea, and tell exactly what the rest of the article will detail. If the opening paragraph does not deliver this information, readers will become lost and find something else to read.

  3. Bullets, Bullets, Bullets
    Most Web Visitors will be lazy. They do not want to read long paragraphs of detailed information. They want information in small easily digested bits. Bullets give the perfect format for providing smaller pieces of information. Each bullet should begin with a short summary of the content, then go into detail. The number of bullets can vary from article to article, but serve the same purpose.
  4. Close Paragraph and CTA (Call-to-action)
    The closing paragraph brings all the article ideas together. Making a summary is the first step. Integrated into the last paragraph, you need a call-to-action. A CTA tells your reader what to do. It might be provide personal information in exchange for their name and email address. It might be to make a call to your office. It might be a suggestion to buy your book for more information. The CTA must be specific to your needs.

If you can write content with these four components, your website will start to attract visitors. The title tells people what your content is all about. The opening paragraph is where you keep their attention or make them look elsewhere. Bullet points are easy to consume bits of information that readers love. The closing paragraph is where you bring everything together and give a call-to-action. With these pieces in place, the content of your corporate website redesign will rock

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Best Way to Write Web Content

Posted by: on Thursday, March 21, 2013

Web design brings together several things. You need a good layout, a good design, and a good structure. But, in the end, if your content is not good, you will not get the traffic you need. People visit websites to get information.

Without quality content, a website will see traffic numbers dry up and the number of repeat visitors go to zero. Quality content will create a website people visit and return to. It creates a place for your business to grow and thrive. Writing quality content requires understanding the target audience and a bit about human psychology.

When doing a corporate website redesign, content is part of the success equation. The higher the quality, the more likely the content will be to attract your target audience. Getting search engines to love it as well is also important.

Here are seven aspects of writing quality content for your website:

  1. Remember the half-page format is best
    Visitors to your website do not want to see a long page full of text that goes on and on. A half-page of text, broken down into concise paragraphs and bullet points, is enough to grab their attention without boring them.

  2. Add a picture as an accent
    People love visual content. If you add a relevant picture to go with your content, it will be the perfect accent. The visual will reinforce the contents' value and keep your visitors' interest. Identify relevant pictures for your corporate website redesign.

  3. Write the same way you speak
    Some business people make the mistake of writing content that sounds like a business memo. Content needs to speak in a way that the public can relate to. Business or technical jargon will not do the job.

  4. Avoid any marketing speak
    A pushy salesman online is as annoying as a pushy salesman in person. Trying to push the sale edge will turn people off quickly. Quality content will do the marketing needed. The rest can happen with calls to action and extras.

  5. Get to the point
    Each page of your website needs to have a focal point. Visitors want to get the information they desire and know what your point is. Make sure the opening paragraph provides enough detail to tell them what is coming up.

  6. Use bullets
    People like information in small bites. When there is too much information packed into long paragraphs with no visual breaks, readers get bored and leave. Bullets offer precise information in small paragraphs, ideal for the easily bored reader.

  7. Proofread and spell check content thoroughly
    If your content is full of grammar and spelling errors, it reflects on your company. A visitor will think that if you offer poor quality content on your website your company will offer low quality products or services.

When you bring these aspects together, your content will have the quality visitors expect. People want to see concise content and photos help the visual appeal. The tone and language need to reflect the way you speak every day and keep away from any marketing speak.

Keep the content on point and use bullets to break information down. Finally, make sure it has no grammar or spelling mistakes. That is the way to get visitors interested and keeping them coming back. And that is a major reason for doing a corporate website redesign in the first place.


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5 Mistakes People Make when Writing Web Content

Posted by: on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Web content is more than just words on a page to fill space on your website. Search engines use it as a major component to decide page ranking. Customers use it to find out about your company and its products.

If not done right, web content can actually turn people away from your website. Getting it right is the only way to bring people to your website and keep them there long enough to become leads. When doing a corporate website redesign, make quality content a priority.

Here are five common mistakes people make with web content writing:

  1. Plagiarizing the content of other websites
    This may sound like a great idea. It is a quick way to get content fast and it sounds good. Problems exist though. Plagiarizing is fraud. It is taking someone else's intellectual property and calling it your own. Also, the stolen content will not do the business much good with search engines. Search engines hate duplicate content. The business website will be last in the rankings. The other company will suffer the same fate as well.

  2. Making all the content sound like marketing speak
    Who likes a constant sales pitch? Who likes to hear a sales rep doing a pitch in person? Almost no one likes either. Making content sound like marketing speak is a major mistake. The website needs to offer quality content that people want to read. This quality content will catch their eye and make them want to come back. In addition, search engines love good content versus sales speak. During a corporate website redesign, keep the marketing speak out of the web content equation.

  3. Using way too many words
    Redundant phrases, clichés, fluff, and expletive constructions are all ways that web content can inflate with too many words. For example, look at this sentence: "There are thirty executives chomping at the bit to become the CIO of the really big Company X." Too many words plague this sentence. A more concise version is "Thirty qualified executives want the CIO job at Company X."

  4. Trying to do it themselves
    Unless you or an employee is a professional content writer, doing it yourself is not a good idea. Awkward writing, bad grammar, and misspelling can turn website visitors off. In addition, web content writers know how to craft content to make it attractive to search engine bots. To get your website noticed, make the content quality the highest priority.
  5. Failing to get to the point
    Even though you want to give quality content, you need to keep focused on converting visitors into leads and leads into paying customers. Each page of content needs to have a purpose. The page must contain a call-to-action that leads them further towards doing what you want them to do. For example, do you want them to give their name and email? Then offer them the option to sign up for an email newsletter in exchange for their name and email.

Bringing in the professionals for web content writing is important. They know how to keep the content tight and focused on the message. They can give quality content without a great deal of marketing speak, but still make the company's case.

They now how to insert call-to-actions in the mix to generate leads and convert leads to sales. Get professional web content done right to maximize your corporate website redesign efforts.

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