4 ways to generate more website leads

Posted by: on Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leads are the life's blood for internet sales. When you get people interested enough to become a lead, you have caught their attention and have the ability to draw them further down the sales funnel to eventually convert them to paying customers. But, first you need to convince your visitor that becoming a lead is a good idea.

Your website is the front line for your lead generation efforts. It is what will introduce your company, your brand, and your products to your target audience. If the website offers quality content focused on the target audience, you will generate website leads. You are actually more likely to get high-quality leads which makes this effort all the more important.

What are some of the best ways to generate website leads through your website? Here are four of them:

  1. Have a blog
    Consumers have come to expect companies in all industries, both B2B and B2C, to have a blog. The blog offers a place to introduce new products, outline case studies, and offer valuable information that makes the customer's life easier. If you don't have an active blog, you need to get one started. Go for having one or two high quality posts each week. Post like clockwork and you will get people returning to read it. Your audience is building.

  2. Offer an e-book download
    People like to get things for free. They are hesitant to share personal information without something in return. Offering a free high-value e-book in exchange for contact information remains a top way to generate leads. Create an e-book that is relevant to what your company offers. If you don't have someone on staff with a writing background, hire a professional to ghost write it. Set it up with a landing page and begin offering it through email campaigns and calls-to-action on your website. You have a lead generation machine in place.

  3. Create landing pages specifically designed for the target audience
    One of the biggest mistakes online marketers do is use boiler plate landing pages. People are weary of seeing the same sales pitch on website after website. They avoid them when possible. The better approach is to gear your landing page to your target audience. If you want to entice a middle-aged married woman who loves crafting, you don't do it with a landing page geared towards a teenage boy who loves gaming.

  4. Implement a mobile responsive website
    Today, 30 to 40 percent of people use mobile devices to conduct searches. That number is going to rise to over 50 percent by 2015. You need to have a website that looks as good on a smart phone as it does on a desktop monitor. Studies have shown that mobile device users tend to patronize businesses with mobile friendly devices. If your website is not ready for mobile devices, it is time to schedule a website redesign.

These four strategies will help you start generating more and more leads through your website. If you want to start using these strategies, the first step is to see what you already have and what you need. You may find that adding a few items to your website will be enough. On the other hand, you may find that you need a website redesign instead. Your website management company can tell you the best approach.

The best way to start these strategies is to talk with a web design company that has experience with all of them. They can help you change the website or do a complete website redesign if necessary. Call them today and get started generating leads.

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Responsive

Posted by: on Friday, November 8, 2013

Mobile devices are rapidly overtaking desktops and laptops for Internet browsing, socializing, and shopping. Almost every company on the planet needs to have an active website these days. With this increasing use of mobile devices, it is becoming imperative to have a mobile responsive website.

If you are still hesitant about talking with your web design company about this step, here are five reasons why your website should be mobile responsive:

  1. Your website needs to look good on any device a person might visit it on. Visitors expect a website to look good whether they are viewing it on a PC or their smartphone. When a visitor finds that the website doesn't work well on a mobile device, they are less likely to come back to that site, even if they are using a laptop or PC at another time. Responsive web design can make this happen.

  2. Google says so. Back in June 2012, the big search engine enterprise made the recommendation that websites convert to mobile responsive design. Google says it will not help in search engine rankings. However, they do say that some websites have lost search engine ranking because search bots detected configuration errors related to displaying on smart devices.

  3. By 2015, consumers will do over 50 percent of their searches on a mobile device.Today, that number is somewhere between 30 and 40 percent. You want your website to rank just as high on mobile device searches as it does on searches done on laptops or desktops. By converting to mobile friendly design, you will position your company to rank as high as possible for any kind of search a consumer makes.

  4. People can access all your content from anywhere they are on any device they have. All text, videos, audio, and images need to be mobile friendly. During the build process with the web design company, someone needs to review all content and make sure it displays well on the smallest smart phone screens and the largest computer monitors. Remember this. When people find even part of a website non-mobile friendly, they are more likely to go elsewhere.

  5. If you offer a mobile-friendly website, you will increase the amount of time people are willing to spend on your website. Because your site is attractive to people using all types of browsing devices, you will see people staying longer. That increases the chances of them wanting to become a lead or a paying customer. Any problems will stop their visit and make them less likely to return.

Mobile responsive design has moved from optional to mandatory for most businesses. If you have not converted your website yet, you need to speak with your web design company about making the transition. The company can program your current website to be more mobile friendly. Ideally, though, you will schedule a redesign that will bring all the functionality of a mobile responsive design forward. That is the smart way to add this kind of functionality.

Don't hesitate in making the change. Your customers are expecting more and more from the companies they do business with. Don't be left behind.

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6 Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Posted by: on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Does your current web design represent your company in the most effective way possible? Unless you have gone thorough a web redesign in the past couple of years, it is likely that your design is not a good representation of what your company is today. Making changes will help improve your online presence and help your target audience find you.

Here are six tips for improving your web design:

  1. Build your website with your target customer in mind. Remember that your audience is not your IT staff or your sales division. They are the people and companies which buy your products and your services. Talk with your customers. Use surveys to understand what drives your audience and how you can address that drive on your website.
  2. Remember less is more. Do not put too much on your home page. A major problem on many websites is that the visitor is visually overwhelmed. Their eyes cannot settle on the message that the company is trying to convey. In many cases, visitors will leave the site and not return because it is so confusing visually.
  3. Your website must be mobile ready. It is no longer optional. The number of people who use their phones and tablets to web browse is increasing rapidly. In fact, by 2015, more people will be using their mobile devices for browsing than those using laptops or desktops. You cannot miss out on those potential customers if you want to stay relevant in the future. Your web design company needs to have experience with mobile web design.
  4. Be sure to include social share and follow buttons. Social media is here to stay. You need to include the option for people to share your content with their friends and family. When you place social media buttons on your website, they can share with whomever they choose. That boosts your exposure to new customers and actually can increase your website rankings.

  5. Create and highlight awesome calls-to-action to download interesting and useful content. You want to attract people as leads and as customers. Use calls-to-action to link to white papers, e-books, webinars, video courses, and other content that you exchange access to for an email address. This is the first step in pulling someone into your sales pipeline. Talk with your web design company about how to use CTAs effectively.

  6. Always put visuals first. Images leave a lasting impression. Who wants to read through a page full of text? People like pictures to break up text as well as enhance the message of the website. Investing in good photos, images, and infographics will pay off with people staying longer at your site and being more willing to share their contact information.

Doing a redesign every couple of years will keep your online presence fresh and relevant to your target audience. The world of online marketing is changing all the time. Waiting more than a year or two to refresh your design means that you are going to fall behind faster and faster.

Finding a good web design company is critical for keeping your online presence up to date and working smoothly. Trying to be a web design expert yourself is not a good use of your time or resources. Leave this work to the experts. It is an investment that will pay off with more visitors and better lead generation.

When do you want to start your website redesign?

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Are You Posting Too Often on Social Media?

Posted by: on Monday, September 16, 2013

Social media is a cornerstone of modern online marketing. (If your company is not using social media, you need to get started immediately.) However, if you are like most companies, social media is probably part of your online marketing efforts already.

How well are your social media efforts doing? You need to track and adjust your social media presence over time to stay effective and relevant to your audience. If you are not doing this already, you can get your web design company to help.

A common concern among many online marketers is whether they are posting too often or too seldom to social media. Also, is what they are posting interesting to their audience or not? Getting those two concerns addressed is important to keeping your social media presence on track for your marketing efforts.

Consider these questions:

  • Does anyone complain when you do not post?
    If you get people complaining when you don't post for a few days, that is actually a sign that people are paying attention to your message. They are marking the fact that you have not put out content recently. You want to achieve this state because it shows that your message is relevant and connecting with people.
  • Are you posting only promotional items?
    This is a major mistake made by many companies. They see social media as purely a sales channel. They create multiple marketing and sales messages and inundate their social media followers with promotional messages. That is a sure way to make people stop listening to the message that you want to convey.
  • Are you losing fans or adding them?
    This one will be obvious. Make it a practice to check how many fans you have on social media at least once a week. It is normal to have a few people drop you while others are adding you. You want a net gain over time. If you are seeing more people leaving than joining, you are not using social media effectively.
  • Do you promote quality and interesting content?
    Even if you are not always sending out promotional messages, you need to monitor the quality of what you are sharing. If you are posting irrelevant or low-quality content to your followers, you are not doing your company any favors. Quality content of interest to your audience is essential for building a big fan base and keeping it growing.

What were your answers? If you are adding fans and posting quality content, you likely have a healthy following. If people are commenting when you don't post for a few days, then you know that your message is something people want to hear and miss when it does not go out. That means you are using social media in the right way. However, if you are losing fans and only post promotional items, you have an answer on whether your online presence is effective or not.

The beauty of social media is that you can stop and change gears pretty quickly. Start promoting quality content that is of interest to your target audience. Don't become a social media pest by posting more than three or four times a week. This should start to improve your fan count. You may actually start to hear complaints when you don't post for a few days. That is actually a good sign.

Your web design company can help you monitor your social media traffic and help you make adjustments to improve your presence.

Now, are you being effective with social media or not? Ask your web design company if you don't already know.

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Start Your Next Web Redesign with Your Audience in Mind

Posted by: on Friday, September 13, 2013

Have you ever visited a website that has all the latest technical features but does not address the audience at all? This is more common than you might think. When doing a web design or redesign, many companies get focused on providing all the updated technical details and fail to focus their efforts on what their audience needs.

When you are doing a web redesign, you must start with your audience in mind. And that audience needs to be the first consideration when making any decisions about your website.

How can you focus on your target audience when redesigning your website? This is something you need to understand before you sit down with your web design company to do the redesign work.

  • What is their pain?
    People who are searching for a product or service have a pain that they need to solve. For example, if a homeowner has a plumbing problem, they might go looking for a plumber to come fix the problem. The pain that homeowner is experiencing is the plumbing problem. When placing content on your website, you need to keep the potential pains of your customer in mind so you can address their pain directly.
  • What do they need?
    Once you have identified the pains your customers are going through, you need to understand what they need as a result of that pain. So, what does a person with a plumbing problem need? They need a plumbing expert who can come to their home (a plumbing supply store is not a good fit). That expert needs to be close to their home (a plumber in Boston would not work for a plumbing problem in Los Angeles).
  • What is their demographic?
    Part of understanding your target audience is understanding their world. How old are they? Are the likely married? Do they live in an urban area, a suburban neighborhood, or a rural location? How many kids do they have? All of this information helps you to develop your website to be attractive to your target audience. People renting an apartment are not likely to call a plumbing company directly for help. They would be more likely to call the landlord. The landlord is the target audience, not the apartment dwellers.

Your design must convey that you understand your target audience's pains and needs. That comes from understanding who they are and focusing your web design to their needs. Your web design company can help you get the answers to those questions.

How do you apply this information to your website? You need to have quality content on your website that addresses your customers' pain directly. You need to provide a way for them to get what they need thorough your website. You need to offer a website design that is attractive and easy to navigate. All of this will show that you understand what they need and want to help.

If you are not a web design expert, you need an agency that is. A professional web design company can help you craft the website that does address your target audience directly. They can help you with all aspects of your online presence. They can craft your website design, your social media usage, and your online marketing efforts based on what you need and what you want.

Now, what are the pains, needs, and demographics of your target audience?

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